about me 🤍

updated 6/28/2021 hi bestiee :)

and thank you for checking out my shop 🤍

my name is lexi and i am the soul creator of my one woman shop, meaning I create all of the one of a kind jewelry designs, take all the pictures and edit them, design my website, create listings, package, and ship your orders 🤍 I started moon star in 2015 bc of my love of nature and crystals. i put my entire heart into moon star and am so proud of what it has become today. of course i wouldnt be anywhere without the love and support from youuuu 🤍

I started in 2015 wire wrapping crystals and was setting up booths at local events in phoenix arizona. I also started an etsy shop and started my business online. upon joining instagram i met many fellow artist online who inspired me and are still some of my close internet besties to this day 🤍

I eventually started electroforming and that was a wild experience at the time there were no classes you could take to learn to electroform, so it was a lot of youtube videos and trial and error. I almost quit many times over two years trying to perfect this art form, i am so happy i didnt give up, it showed me you can do anything as long as youre putting in effort and love. electroforming was definitely a lot of  blood, sweat, and tears. lol

while learning to electroform i took a class in silversmithing in 2017, it was so fun but i was discouraged about how many tools you need, and the prices of those tools. i decided to buy them over time and once i had what i needed i could start creating. it is now 2021 and i am just starting to make silver jewelry that i am very happy with and cant wait to see where it takes me  🤍 also with that being said, I have since moved from phoenix arizona to carson city nevada. a small city of 50,000 people (small compared to AZ) and i feel my sense of style changing and adapting to my surrounding. I have fallen in love with turquoise and more earthy colors. 🤍 i will be sticking to my original style just adding little spice by combining both styles,. i really hope you love it 🤍 bc i love creating for you xox

if you have any questions you can always reach out to me via email 


or instagram 


tysm for taking the time to read ab me 🤍 and ty for being you,

the world needs more ppl like you and i am happy u exist 

 xox lexi, moon star