Size 5.75 Garnet Silver
Size 5.75 Garnet Silver

Size 5.75 Garnet Silver

🥀♥️Stunning rose Cut Garnet finished in a beautiful Silver setting. 🌚

Garnets are described as “living fire” 🔥♥️ they are grounding stones & often referred to as the stone of higher thinking.

Garnet inspires love & devotion 🥀

“Opens the heart and bestows self-confidence”.

Garnets are the January birthstone & are wonderful for zodiacs; Leo, Virgo, & Aries 🥰

I built this piece from scratch 😊 💖 I then electroformed the ring to build a strong foundation, and applied an ultra thick plating of silver for a beautiful finish 💕 ( ps most plated jewelry is 3-5u • but I plate at 200u making it a thick as possible for you 🥰 these rings have longevity)  I can provide a certificate for thickness & proof of plating if you desire.  

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